“First and foremost, I so sincerely thank everyone involved in caring for both my mother and father. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of care they each received. I am writing the “thank you” letter, but each of my siblings is as appreciative as I am.

To the wonderful nursing staff who so patiently and lovingly cared for my mother as she was dying, I so sincerely thank you for all that you did to make her as comfortable as possible. I so sincerely thank you for your patience with our family as we asked for things for her and for us. Each of you went out of your way to do all that you could to help and we so appreciate it.”

“Sometimes people forget to thank those who have been kind and helpful to them. I am very thankful that you agreed to accept our mother into your skilled nursing facility. I know that we added some uncertainty to your routine with one of us being with her 24/7. We felt that we needed to give mother the opportunity to fight her infection. This did not happen but not due to your lack of co-operation. We had also promised her that she would never be alone — you helped to make that happen.

I was extremely impressed with the consistent level of good care you provided. Even the smell of the place was pleasant – much credit to housekeeping. The meals were presented with thought and planning as well as tasting good. I noticed that all the staff interacted with all the patients they came in contact with. The man cleaning the floor would take a moment to place a caring hand on a patient’s shoulder or another would high-five a friend in a wheelchair. All patients were treated with dignity by all of the staff. Even when ministering to the most basic needs, embarrassment was not permitted. A joking, friendly, and caring atmosphere was maintained.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for your love and kindness to my mother. I’ve always felt she was in good care and appreciate all you did to make her comfortable and feel your love.

We are very sad that she could not stay at home with us but feel God provided the best alternative to home at South Roanoke. You were a blessing to all of us.

Thank you so much again and God richly bless all of you.”

“I just want you all to know what very special people each and every one of your are. It takes someone very caring to perform the tasks that you do.”

“There are no words to express our gratitude to all the staff and leadership of South Roanoke Nursing Home.”

“We know you all took such good care of Dad. It was something we realized we just couldn’t do 24 hours/day. We’re very grateful for your caring ways.”

“I just wanted to once again express my deep appreciation to you and the entire staff for all you have done to make mother’s transition as smooth as possible. The love and compassion is abundant and we are so pleased to have South Roanoke as mother’s home.”


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