Paying for Care


In order for Medicare to pay for your stay, you must receive either skilled nursing care or skilled rehabilitation services on a daily basis. These services must be provided by a professional individual such as a Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist. Medicare does not pay for intermediate or long-term care.

If you meet the requirements, Medicare will pay 100% of your first 20 days. If you continue to require skilled services, you or your Medicare supplemental policy will only be responsible for the co-insurance amount. From day 21-100, Medicare will then pay for all other costs. If at any time during this 100-day period you no longer require skilled care, Medicare will no longer pay. Your skilled Medicare benefits are exhausted on day 100.


We see more and more people with long-term care insurance. Each policy is different, but generally most policies pay a specified daily rate after you have met your deductible. Our staff will be happy to sit down with you to review your specific policy.


For those individuals paying privately, we think you will find our rates to be very competitive. We encourage you to compare price and services.


Medicaid is available for those individuals that are not able to fully cover their long-term care costs.

Your local social service agency pre-screens for Medicaid eligibility and sets co-pay amounts. Please contact them for further information.


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